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    VTEX and GDPR Compliance
    VTEX and GDPR Compliance
    VTEX's Commitment to GDPR
    International Data Transfers
    Baseline Cookie Policy
    Master Agreement
    Data Processing Addendum
    VTEX Identification
    VTEX Privacy Policy
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    Security Practices



    GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside de EU.

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    In the scope of VTEX's services, in what concerns GDPR, the tenants that hold a store on VTEX, and sell to individuals within the European Union are Controllers, while VTEX is the Processor.


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    All of the principles of GDPR are kept by VTEX and this will always be covered by our policies and agreements.

    1. Lawfullness, Fairness and Transparency: VTEX will always abide to the law and the fair use of the private data collected to provided the service offered, and in an always transparent maner;

    2. Purpose Limitation: the information related to the Data Subject will always be used only for the purpose it is collected;

    3. Data Minimisation: VTEX has, by a company principle, since the launching of the SmartCheckout, in 2014, always collected only the minimum amount of data necessary to process the orders received, and the GDPR corroborates the correctness of this practice;

    4. Accuracy: the data collected and processed by VTEX is necessarily accurate and current, as it is the intention of the Data Subject to have their orders fulfilled as it is of the Controller to fulfill them; VTEX will always provide the means for both parts to have this intention satisfied;

    5. Storage Limitation: as well as for Data Minimisation, also VTEX only stores the information related to the Data Subject while it is necessary for the processing proposed by the service provided;

    6. 翻墙党ssr节点 VTEX will always do whatever is within our reach, based on standards and best practices, to take appropriate measures to ensure segurity of the personal data.


    VTEX always works to have our platform offering the best value possible to our tenants' efforts in having a profitable and efficient commerce operation.

    We now extend this principle to the constant creation and evolution of tools that, regardless of the comprehensiveness of our current admin GUI and APIs, will progressively and constantly make it easier and more seamless to our tenants, the Controllers, to comply with GDPR.

    What is GDPR?
    Who is Who?
    How is VTEX Commited to GDPR
    Commitment to GDPR's Principles
    Commitment to the Controllers
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