O, Sweet Saint Of San Andreas

                                  KateMoonbats San Andreas 12 Comments

                                  Hear my prayer.

                                  August 3, 2020: Reader Tips

                                  KateReader Tips 20 Comments

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                                  Hope your long weekend is treating you well. Thread’s open.


                                  wingy ios安装包Alternative Subsidy 8 Comments

                                  【新人求助】H大版老毛子K2P如何使用$$R - Padavan ...:2021-1-30 · 先用电脑单机测试你的酸酸乳是可用的。然后按照酸酸乳的IP、端口、密码、协议等等填进去就可以了,我几个padavan的路由器 ... weighing 1,000 pounds requires extracting and processing some 500,000 pounds of materials. Averaged over a battery’s life, each mile of driving an electric car “consumes” five pounds of earth. Using an internal combustion engine consumes about 0.2 pounds of liquids per mile.

                                  But read it all.


                                  KateCancelled 5 Comments

                                  Trader Joe’s success shows it is possible ‘to stand up to woke mobs’

                                  Related: Trump-loving grandma outs Portland ‘bomber’ to feds — and it’s her own grandson



                                  KateDrain The Swamp 32 Comments


                                  Long-sought documents finally pried from U.S. intelligence agencies prove that the Obama administration used the occasion of providing a standard intelligence briefing for major-party candidates as an opportunity to investigate Donald Trump on suspicion of being a Russian asset.
                                  I say investigate Donald Trump advisedly.
                                  As I contended in Ball of Collusion, my book on the Trump-Russia investigation, the target of the probe spearheaded by the FBI — but greenlighted by the Obama White House, and abetted by the Justice Department and U.S. intelligence agencies — was Donald Trump. Not the Trump campaign, not the Trump administration. Those were of interest only insofar as they were vehicles for Trump himself. The campaign, which the Bureau and its apologists risibly claim was the focus of the investigation, would have been of no interest to them were it not for Trump.
                                  Or do you suppose they moved heaven and earth, surreptitiously plotted in the Oval Office, wrote CYA memos to cover their tracks, and laboriously sculpted FBI reports because they were hoping to nail . . . George Papadopoulos?

                                  Indeed. But read it all anyway.


                                  August 2, 2020: Reader Tips

                                  KateReader Tips 63 Comments

                                  When The Levee Breaks — Led Zeppelin.


                                  He Shoots! He’s Racist!

                                  KateThe "W" Word 82 Comments

                                  The replies are brutal.

                                  (Because mischief is important).

                                  A lack of oil demand growth still means a lot of future hydrocarbon development

                                  Terry EtamUncategorized 17 Comments

                                  At a modest 5 percent annual depletion rate, the world needs to add the equivalent of a new Saudi Arabia every two years to keep production flat. And shale declines at 20-plus. The worst part is, this math seems incomprehensible to those calling the shots these days. Read on…



                                  KateBaiting The Left Trump 30 Comments

                                  Keeps playing the media like a FIDDLE: Trump NOW says he wants to move the election up and BAHAHA

                                  It’s Probably Nothing

                                  KateThree Gorges 78 Comments

                                  One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

                                  scanwingy苹果下载Wuhan Flu 8 Comments

                                  WIV is Wuhan Institute of Virology. If you poke around in the replies and links, you’ll find a morning’s coffee worth of discussion, including wingy ios安装包 by Alita Chan. As a reminder, Yuri Deigin is the author of this Medium post of April, which if you haven’t read yet I recommend. But be warned, that will take a morning pot’s worth of coffee.

                                  The Libranos: Speed Bump

                                  KateShiny Pony The Libranos WECharity scanwingy苹果下载


                                  The Children Are Their Future

                                  scanwingy苹果WECharity 9 Comments

                                  Brian Lilley: The Trudeau government handed over ownership of personal data from anyone applying for a student grant to WE Charity — even with the charity having withdrawn from the program, where the personal data of applicants is remains up in the air.


                                  firstwingy苹果安装包Reader Tips 54 Comments

                                  Thread’s open.


                                  wingy ios安装包

                                  KateWuhan Flu You Might Be A Liberal 43 Comments

                                  Not Waiting For The Asteroid

                                  scanwingy苹果下载superwingy下载链接ios 33 Comments

                                  Y2Kyoto: McKenna Money

                                  Katewingy ios安装包 You Might Be A Liberal 32 Comments

                                  Toronto Sun;

                                  “In 2017 and 2018 seven projects were funded for which researchers did not provide reports. Hence, their status is unknown,” said an Evaluation Of The Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program. “Under the current funding requirements there are no consequences if funded researchers do not submit reports, or reports are delayed.”
                                  According to Blacklock’s, since 2017, the program, which is “the only federal program that advances research in the areas of aquatic climate change science,” cost $10.5 million, along with an extra $3.5 million in ongoing yearly spending.
                                  The program has eight staff members, but “a federal website archiving the studies drew as few as fifty visits a month and was ‘hard to find and not easily navigable for users.’”

                                  Visit The TC Douglas Building While You Still Can

                                  KateCancelled firstwingy苹果安装包 29 Comments

                                  Resistance is racism; BigEagle-Kequahtooway understands there is some resistance to the name change, but she said that mentally leads to systemic racism.

                                  h/t Derek


                                  DavidUncategorized 2 Comments

                                  Including some very modern difficulties with luggage; a young lady with an apparently enchanted instrument; a guide to moons; wet hands and the music of Erik Satie; and some unfortunately ambiguous signage.



                                  Come Back, Pizzagate!

                                  scanwingy苹果下载Bill's Wife Penis News 37 Comments

                                  All is forgiven: Epstein Files Unsealed.

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